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House Rules

1. There are no prestige classes. Instead, players will have the opportunity to join organizations that will provide many of the same benefits as a prestige class. These organizations will teach new feats, skills, and abilities to the players. Your character level and class will be unaffected.

For instance, there is a group known as the Black Phoenix Warriors. You can join this group early on (usually no earlier than 5th level). There will be no immediate benefits, but you could then take a path within the BPW when you meet the requirements and your character will gain additional benefits. However, at all times he progresses through his level and character class/classes. The player does not change classes, but is merely a member of an organization.

2. In addition to masterwork armor and weapons, there is grandmaster work. There are few grandmasters and they can only do certain types of armor or weapons.

Grandmaster weapons provide a bonus to damage as well as to hit. Additionally, if the weapon is made specifically for you as a player, it provides a +2 to hit and a +1 to damage.

Grandmaster armor is 20% less heavy and provides a +1 to the maximum dexterity bonus.

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