Shira Dabble


Shira Dabble, Rogue/Fighter 6/1
Stats: Str 10, Dex 19, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 11, Cha 13
AC 26 Touch 20 Flat 18 (26 unless paralyzed), HP 40
Fort 8, Ref 12, Will 5
Rapier or Dagger +10,1d3 (19-20/x2_; Sling +11, 1d3 (20/x2); Light crossbow +10, 1d8 (19-20/x2)

Once again equipped, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of her friends!

Radiates a powerful aura of magic due to the partially complete artifact she carries (which seems to be protecting her).


When first met, it’s not uncommon for most people to confuse Shira Dabble with a very young human child due to her unusual coloring (not typically seen on hin), her mischievousness, and her general personality. Likewise, it’s not unknown for her to use this to her advantage, pleading tiredness to get out of chores or even asking random strangers for gifts. However, a close study would naturally reveal that, despite her childishness, she is indeed a halfling, even if she’s not the best example of her race.

Shira Dabble hails from the city of Westerholt, the second largest city in Celedon, and home to one of the larger halfling populations in that country. She does not speak much of her home or past, changing the subject when asked or suddenly pointing out a random object and hiding afterwards, leading some to believe that the parting with her family was not pleasant. However, she’s insufferably cheerful and chaotically random, so it’s difficult to know whether that is true, or if she just thinks she’s being mysterious.

If anyone spends any length of time in her company (provided they can maintain sanity), it quickly becomes apparent that Shira Dabble is an exceptionally skilled rogue, able to slip into shadows and move soundlessly almost without effort. A sling, her favorite weapon, is usually always within reach, and in the past she has proven to be deadly accurate with it… though that has not always proven to be a good thing.

One extreme oddity about Shira (well aside from the other oddities) is her fondness for strong drink, and her uncanny resilience to it, especially considering her size. It’s not truly clear why she seems to love, but she’s often seen taking sips from a small decanter of alcohol, and quite often, is the first one to hop up at the local bar and order a drink. It’s also not entirely uncommon for her to challenge nearby patrons to drinking contests, and (more often than not), actually drink them under the table. Despite this, most would wonder at the wisdom of having a tipsy rogue messing with complicated traps and locks, but she just grins and says “Don’t worry! I’m sure it’ll work out fine! I mean, what’s the worst that can happen?”

It is little wonder that she is also a devout worshiper of all the Gods of Luck. Her party will need every little bit they can get.

Shira Dabble

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