Jorel is a distinguished individual. His hair is a rich golden hue and he wears luxurious clothing. Hidden beneath his garments, he sports strong, rippling muscles. He walks with a regal manner, leaving one to think he must be some sort of royalty. He is often seen with his son, but there does not appear to be a Mrs. Jorel.


The heroes of Redwald first encountered Jorel when they aided his afflicted son. While still in the infant stages of their heroic quests, the heroes of Redwald happened upon his son convulsing in a field. They did what they could, but were unable to help the boy, but they took him to the Temple of Taryn. Later, while on their way to Wildekeep, Jorel found them and thanked them for tending to his son. He offered them his assistance if they ever needed it, and he even suggested he could help them return from the dead, with no negative consequences. He told the heroes they could ask for him at any of the good temples in Celedon. However, he wore no visible holy symbols.

Later, Tristan spoke to Jorel when the heroes were dealing with similar convulsions in the town of Lakeside, about a days ride from Celedon. Jorel informed them that his son was actually afflicted with a curse, but a remove curse actually made him worse. He was able to save his son with a Wish.

Only recently, the Heroes of Redwald discovered that Jorel was actually Onjoriel, the king of all good dragons and a very powerful gold dragon himself. He is a powerful ally.


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