Geoffrey Tunsel


Geoffrey is a handsome young man with long black hair and steely blue eyes. He is known for his honesty and his willingness to aid those less fortunate. Even when he was a simple stable boy, he would sacrifice what he had to help those who were in need. He has only recently begun adventuring and has become known for his bravery and lack of fear. He is now considered a young paladin of Belin.


Geoffrey was the stable boy of the Heroes of Redwald and his mother served as the heroes’ maid. During the first attack of the Goat, Geoffrey’s mother was slain. After her death, Geoffrey petitioned the heroes to provide him with supplies so he could avenge his mother and help rid Celedon of the evil that threatened it. The heroes provided him with supplies and helped him obtain a position with the Celedon army as it went to aid Eirland.

Geoffrey was posted with Captain Ranier, an experienced officer of Celedon. Unfortunately, Ranier’s troops were overwhelmed in the defense of Highlake and all were thought to be lost. However, Geoffrey had healed Ranier after he was felled and the two of them were able to escape.

Geoffrey Tunsel

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