Earl Tanner Goldhart

Earl of Wildekeep, Regent of Celedon


Earl Tanner Goldhart is one of the most liked leaders in Celedon. He is not especially handsome, but his men would follow him to hell and back. He has a jagged scar which runs the length of his right cheek, caused by a frost giant jarl’s greatsword. That Greatsword now hangs in the Great Hall of Castle Wildekeep.

His hair is black and wavy and is usually slightly unkempt, as his lack of vanity at times lends itself to forgetfulness about his hair. His wife, the Countess Mariel, a breathtaking beauty, finds the Earl’s hair a source of great displeasure.

Earl Tanner is a stocky, powerful man. He is known for leading his men into battle and has come to the aid of his common foot soldier more than once. He often outpaces his vanguard, causing them great stress and consternation. But it is these acts that make his soldiers willing to die for him.


With the death of King Geoffrey Drake, Earl Tanner was named the Regent of Celedon and guardian of the infant king, Marcus Drake. He is charged with running the kingdom and teaching King Marcus how to grow to be a man and a ruler. Earl Tanner was the easy choice for this responsibility since he has no claim to the throne and was King Geoffrey’s most trusted advisor.

The heroes of Redwald met Earl Tanner after King Geoffrey had been tragically assassinated. The heroes had important information that became apparent after his death. Earl Tanner asked them to protect a merchant ship from attack in the country of Valburn.

Earl Tanner Goldhart

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