Corwin Velspar

Advisor to Prince Thomas Valburn


Corwin Velspar radiates power and prestige. He has black hair with a finely shaved beard. He is of average height and weight. He wears fine, luxurious clothes, and walks with an air of distinction. Beneath the gold embroidered robes, one gains a glimpse of a gleaming chain shirt. He wears an ornate longsword at his side and splendid jewelry accents his fine clothing.


The Heroes of Redwald first encountered Corwin when they were questing to retrieve the lost artifacts of the missing god. There, he introduced himself as Harold Drake after felling an ogre who was threatening the party with a lightning bolt. The next time they saw him was in Celedon when he was with the Prince of Valburn. This is when the Heroes discovered his real name was Corwin and he was an advisor to the Prince. A detect magic indicated two powerful magic rings, a highly magic chain shirt, an amulet and a magical sword.

Corwin Velspar

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