Archibald Mortimer


Archibald Mortimer is a distinguished looking gnome who was once the Regent of the Moonbow Academy of the Eldritch Arts. He is a master of shadow magic and is a valuable advisor to the rulers of Celedon. Recently, some funds were found missing from the Academy and all signs pointed to Archibald as the source of the problem. During an investigation by Celedonian officials, which further incriminated Archibald, Archibald turned up missing and later surfaced in Valburn. It appeared Archibald had joined the Valburnian cause.

Later, it was discovered that the entire episode with the stolen funds had been a ruse in order to ingratiate Archibald with Valburn. During this time, he was a spy for Celedon and provided important information. Unfortunately, he was discovered and taken prisoner. All his fingers were chopped off as was his tongue. Additionally, his eyes were removed and his mind had been erased.

Fortunately, the Heroes of Redwald were able to rescue him and discover how to restore his mind.


Most of the Heroes of Redwald met Archibald when they rescued him from a dungeon in Valburn. The rescue was a trap, but the Heroes were able to get Archibald away before they were slaughtered.

Antwerp Mortimer met Archibald on the fourth day of his life, as he is his father. He would have met him sooner, but Archibald was at a conference on the day Antwerp was born. For years, Archibald felt some guilt about missing the birth of his son, but after Antwerp chose the path of Sorcerer over Wizard,the guilt all but disappeared.

Archibald Mortimer

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