Aeliana Weathers, High Priestess of Teryn


Aeliana Weathers is a very attractive human woman with long blond hair who is in her mid 30s. She stands almost 6 feet tall and her features clearly indicate some barbarian blood in her lineage. Her blue eyes are penetrating and some even belief just her gaze is a zone of truth spell.

Aeliana is known as a staunch defender of the people and a tireless champion of Teryn. She makes it her business to know everything she can about the priests of Teryn and even the simple followers of Teryn. It is not uncommon for her to speak at length to a commoner, who worships Teryn, about his family by name. She is already becoming one of the most popular High Priests ever.

She has recently taken the place of Cornell Roberts, an older human male who stepped down as High Priest. He suggested Aeliana as his replacement and remains as an advisor to her.


The Heroes of Redwald met Aeliana on the road to Grenadier.

Aeliana Weathers, High Priestess of Teryn

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